~Welcome, Preston~ a Fresh 48 in Denver

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

So many incredible, subtle moments unfold in the first days of life, which is why I love Fresh 48 shoots. There is a certain magic in watching a baby begin sensing their world, as their family members' expressions become tender and awe-struck. As a photographer, it feels meaningful to preserve the little details, each a reminder and visual cue to re-experience those early emotions. Photographing the early moments of baby Preston's life was no exception. When I asked the community who might be interested in a Fresh 48 photo shoot to help update my portfolio, I was so happy to hear from Taylor. She was such a kind, gracious person-- I knew it would be a pleasure to work with her once her baby boy was born. I arrived at her room at St. Joseph's the day after she gave birth to her son, Preston. He was an absolutely beautiful baby, peacefully resting in his cradle near his mom and dad. Soon after I began taking photos, more family members arrived to meet Preston, and of course, they each fell in love with him. I took many candid shots as I quietly watched everyone interact with the baby and, just for fun, we also set up a mini posed session as he slept! It was a special experience to witness those moments and turn them to photos for the family to look back on as Preston grows up. Thank you sincerely to Taylor and family for welcoming me as your photographer.

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