Special Discount*
60% Off Standard Pricing!

Additional 10% off when combined with other services

*Limited availability; contact me to reserve your birth or maternity session!  Payment plans & gift certificates available. 

Special Packages

Package One: Birth + 1 Maternity Shoot *Either during pregnancy or within first year of baby's life 


Package Two: Birth + Both Maternity Shoots

Early Labor Mini Shoot + Fresh 48: 

*Does not include birth; includes On Call Time 


1. Birth

I'm expanding my portfolio to include incredible women during childbirth, and I'm looking for families to help me showcase this special service!

If you are interested in seeing some of your most amazing birth images featured on my site, and would like a full photo package at a 60% discount, please read below or contact me here. (Or, if you'd like photos commemorating the precious times before or after birth, check out my Maternity/Family Photography Specials below. )

Birth Only:
Discounted Price: $460*
Original Price: $1150


  • One-on-one consultation to discuss our work together, both experiential and creative

  • I will be on-call for you starting at 37 weeks, and present during labor through the first hour of your baby's life

  • Minimum of 75-100 professionally edited images, some color, some black/white. All images will be delivered in both small and large digital file formats (for online sharing or printing), along with a print release.

  • One to two edited "announcement" images of baby will be sent within 24 hours of birth; remaining images will be available 3-6 weeks after birth.

*Available to a limited number of clients only; first come, first serve. In order to receive photo services at this special discount, clients must authorize use of select images in online or print marketing materials (such as website, business cards, flyers, etc.).  All images will be shared with and approved by clients prior to use!

2. Maternity 

  • Pregnancy

  • Postpartum/Breastfeeding

  • Milk Bath (Non-Dairy)/Herbal Bath

Maternity Shoots celebrate the time leading up to and/or following your birth.  A wide range of settings and concepts are available-- any ideas to best reflect your personality and style are welcome! Mothers may choose to include partners or children in any shoots.  

Discounted Prices:
Any Single Shoot: $210 (Standard: $350)
Two Shoot Combination: $360 (Standard: $600) 



3. Newborn Family


  • Candid Family

  • Breastfeeding or Bottle feeding

  • First Hours


Your baby's entrance into the world brings the birth of an entire family. Newborn Family shoots document some of the beautiful first moments you share together.


"Candid Family" shoots include the whole family, and can take place anywhere you feel comfortable. I will provide gentle guidance, but most shots will be unposed, captured while you and your loved ones genuinely interact. 
Special: $300/Standard: $500

Whether a mother nourishes her baby with her breast or a bottle, the sacredness of this time together is undeniable. "B-Feeding" shoots commemorate that ineffable bond, and capture the  innocent beauty mother and baby share in moments together.

Special: $210/Standard: $350 

Also called Fresh 48, "First Hours" shoots take place in the first hours or days of your baby's life. I will be on-call, ready to meet you at  as soon as your family is ready! I will capture the whole scene, including newborn details, baby's first meetings with friends and family, and candid moments that may have gone unnoticed. These calm, fun shoots are a lovely opportunity to capture precious birthday memories with OR without documenting labor and birth.

Special: $270/Standard: $450

Photography + Support