Ecstatic Birth

Female anatomy perfectly equips most women to experience the following ideas. However, our ability to do so is often complicated by generations of social learning that radically contradicts these concepts: 

  • Ecstasy will be available to you as you bring your baby into this world.

  • Ecstasy is already a part of you, and you are free to access it at any time.

  • Ecstasy, the state of mind, state of feeling, can accompany any and all of the choices you've made for your birth, as well as the nearly inevitable unforeseen circumstances.

  • It is possible to have an ecstatic Cesarean!

  • Your birth does not have to be an event you "endure" or "cope with;" it can be blissful, intensely enjoyable, perhaps orgasmic.

By working with the mind and body during pregnancy to accept and use Pleasure as a birthing tool, it is possible to reorient your understanding of birth as the ultimate culmination of the sexual process. This work is sensitive and involved, and (pleasurably) affects your interaction with life beyond pregnancy and birth. It requires an unlearning of so many cultural messages, both explicit and subliminal, and will be experienced differently by all women.

Please note: in no way does this paradigm suggest that those who experience pain, or even trauma, during birth did anything wrong, whatsoever! Ecstasy is not a promise or a reward for hard work. Rather, it is a natural, innate aspect of the human experience, which has, unfortunately, been buried under many years of cultural conditioning around birth. It is not always easy to dig up! Fortunately, your access to ecstasy is not dependent on any birth outcome or timeline. It is a private knowing in yourself. Preparing for an ecstatic birth may merely plant a seed; it may give you new techniques with which to navigate life's hurdles; it may make you aware of and prepared for your subconscious patterns, or teach you to slow down and enjoy more, more often. This work is merely about finding each woman's own way to bring more pleasure into her experiences, including birth. Somewhere along the way, you may find incredible bliss in birthing your baby; your body is already prepared to do so!

If you feel excited and ready to delve into the teachings of Ecstatic Birth, I am happy to share with you all I've learned. I studied with the amazing Sheila Kamara Hay, founder of Ecstatic Birth.  Sheila has created an incredible network of experts, practitioners, and visionaries in the field, and channeled their cumulative wisdom into a training to help expectant women develop relationships with their own pleasure. As a practitioner, I am authorized to share the library used in her trainings with my clients. Please reach out for more information!

*May be combined with Art Preparation Package, or accessed a la carte.  Please contact for pricing. 

"Revel in the beauty of the ideal. Enjoy it as you would a work of art. Do not use the ideal as a measuring stick to judge yourself by."

Dr. Christaine Northrup

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