Birth Story Listening

From Erinn:

"I felt like our birth story session was so incredibly helpful in uncovering what's still left for me to process, and words cannot express how thankful I am for the encouragement, perspective, and constructive advice you offered to help me try and look at my experience in a new way. I've had a couple pretty major 'aha' moments as I've continued to process what we talked about, and I want you to know that I will be forever grateful for you, as I continue to transform/accept/heal from the feelings related to my first birth."


"The focus on survival demands that you notice the tiger in the trees before you pay attention to the beauty of the branches." 
-Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark

Why is Birth Storytelling Important?

Though a formal telling of birth stories is often left out of our culture's healing portrait, the story itself plays an important role. We all use stories to shape our experiences. Yet, many parents and birth witnesses only feel comfortable sharing socially-safe highlights, leaving the most difficult memories unresolved. A clear, nurturing outlet for one's raw story can open a channel for healing, and allow companionship along the return from the immense experience of birth.

Birth is a transformation. It can be difficult and beautiful; demanding, ecstatic and confusing, all at once. Birth might test parents' deepest hopes or expectations, and may require intense, though invisible, internal shifts. It may represent both a breaking point and a personal renewal.


Put simply: childbirth is a lot. However, there are often few formal opportunities to fully digest all that it has stirred up.  Even with an amazing support system, the transition to parenthood can leave little space to find proper footing after emerging from the intensity.


Whether your birth appeared traumatic or ideal, it is entirely normal to feel troubled by some piece of your experience.  Birth Story Listening is a sort of resting place in the midst of adjusting to a new baby, where you can pause, express your pain, and find what you need going forward, all with the guidance of a trained listener.

About the Process:

Birth Story Listening is not therapy. Instead, it is a fluid mixture of guided storytelling, deep listening, and solution-focused dialogue. Rather than offering external solutions to an internal difficulty, which can only be wholly understood by you, my role is to gently guide you to your own inner resources. Our goal is not to "fix" an unchangable past event, but to help you reframe your view of it, so that you may move forward in ways that feel personally constructive. 

I learned and practiced this method while completing all levels of training of Birth Story Listening and Birth Story Medicine through Birthing From Within.


Who May Benefit? 

Birth Story Listening is helpful for those who continue to feel somehow negatively impacted by any aspect of their birth story. My sessions are open to mothers, fathers, partners, birth attendants and birth witnesses. 


Sessions take place in calm, private environments, either in-person, by phone, or via Skype, at any point after birth. Payments are donation-based. A typical investment is between $50 - $70 when feasible, but this amount is left to storytellers' discretion and financial reality. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please click here to schedule your storytelling session now.


"Changing the Way We Tell Our Birth Stories"-- NIcole Tricarico


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