Art Making Process:

  • Birth Preparation (prenatal)

  • Birth Processing (postpartum)

  • Full Prep Package: Art + Ecstatic Birth

No experience or skills necessary! The purpose of this unique process, developed by Pam England of Birthing From Within, is to help expectant parents access nonverbal parts of the brain, not to create finished artwork. The act of creating, especially through nonverbal, meditative, symbolic, or abstract expression, engages alpha waves in the brain, similar to the trance state women enter during labor. This space is often where subconscious fears, desires, or expectations hide, which can surface unexpectedly during labor, even for the most educated birth-givers. Through specific, guided art prompts, we can address deep underlying emotion either during pregnancy or after birth.  Learning to access the nonverbal mind in this way helps many art-makers unlock valuable coping mechanisms during labor, or heal from troubling emotions postpartum. 

We may use pastels, paint, clay, and/or journaling. Your creations and insights will remain private and for your own use only.


Private (Individual) sessions: $45 (approximately 1 hour)

Private (Couple): $60

Groups (3 to 6 individuals): $25 per person 

Full Preparation Package:

3 Art Making Sessions + Guided Access to Ecstatic Birth Materials: $140 

Photography + Support