Specialty Art Services

*Whenever possible, all art materials are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and responsibly sourced

10% discount when combined with any other service!

Celebrate the roundness that made room for life;

remember the feeling when everything was new...

All Specialty Art is custom-made according to your unique ideas, style preferences, and imagination

Custom Maternity Portrait
Placenta Print

With a roar of the sea and flesh,

Her soul was Mother, her body Earth itself.

Belly Casts
Starting at $40

Commemorate the lovely fullness that holds your baby inside! Choose your level:












Belly A: Basic Bump, $40

I come to you with all supplies! You can soak your feet and listen to music as I apply plaster strips to your belly. Once the plaster sets, I will remove the cast and leave it with you to dry at home!

Bellly B: Polished Cast, $65
I will take your cast home with me to prepare it for a simple, elegant display. This involves applying an additional layer of plaster, sanding down the surface to achieve a smooth texture, adding shine and protection with a finishing gesso, and attaching wall hooks on the back.

Belly C: Customize, $250+
In addition to polishing your cast, I will personalize it with artwork unique to your style and story. Includes a one-on-one consultation to hash out ideas; price varies based on complexity of design.  



Custom Portraits

Starting at $320

Custom Maternity Portrait

Custom Portraits may be based on any combination of personal photos/images, photos from a shoot with me, and additional elements we might dream up together. You cab exercise any level of creative direction, or leave that part to me; images may be a direct replication of photos, or worked into a fantasy setting.

During a one-on-one sketch and design consultation, we can look through art magazines for inspiration, sketch out possibilities, and design an image that will express emotion beyond what can be captured in a realistic photograph.

Price based on complexity of design.


Placenta Prints



Called the "tree of life" for the tree-like pattern of its veins, and for its vital role in fostering life, the placenta is a fascinating emblem of your baby's beginning. Placenta Prints are a unique way to celebrate the organ that helped nourish your baby in utero. Each side of the placenta may be "stamped" onto watercolor paper immediately after birth; its blood will serve as natural ink. The maternal and baby sides each create a unique image, and may result in up to 6 images total.

Ink embellishments to accentuate the tree-like appearance, or additional artwork may be incorporated at an added cost.


~Before and After~

Full commemorative Art Package Contact for pricing

"Before and After" is an experiential art project that honors important moments along your path from "Maidenhood to Motherhood," and results in a stunning, eclectic timeline for you to keep forever.  My hope is that, through this ceremonious blending of art, acknowledgement, celebration, and ritual, more mothers can revel in pregnancy, like women in countless cultures across the world and throughout history, but which is often lacking in our busy, less communal lives. 

Each Before & After project is custom made, according to your specifications. At deliberately chosen milestones in your journey, we will create Body Casts, Portraiture, and Photography. You may include the creation of body casts or photo shoots in Blessingways, baby showers, gatherings of loved ones, or in private! I will design and coordinate all components into a single, interactive piece, which can be displayed separately throughout your home, or together as a full wall statement.  


Your timeline can begin prior to pregnancy, or any time along the way, and like pregnancy, will culminate with your new baby.  As you physically express the ultimate creative act, I will reflect its meaning with art; I can't wait to collaborate with you!

Please Contact Me to discuss possibilities and pricing. 

Photography + Support