Welcome to Crow Birth

Welcome. I hope you will find what you need to support your path through birth and all it entails.

All prices may be adjusted to make my services available to everyone. If your budget is not accommodated by what is listed, please reach out to discuss options. Proceeds from Art Services help fund my low cost Support Services.

Certain services are free or additionally discounted for teens, abuse survivors, and those experiencing unprecedented challenges. If you believe your story warrants special support, please contact me here.

I work throughout Boulder, Denver, and surrounding areas. 

I can't wait to hear from you. 

Support from preconception through parenthood...
Preserve the emotional memory and curious aesthetics of pregnancy, birth, and first days of life with photographs,

Celebrate form and feeling through custom artwork,

Find physical support through labor, advice and direction, or a listening ear after loss or disappointment...

I believe you are entitled to all possible beauty.

Do you have a specific question?  I'm happy to speak on the phone or answer specific questions through email any time.


 Meet Katie Crow
Birth Photographer and Birth Story Listener,
serving Denver, Boulder, and surrounding areas

My admiration for birth has led me to support families as a doula, train in prenatal care at a Spanish midwifery school, and study through Birthing from Within in Birth Story Listening and Birth Art Processing. I have also completed multiple workshops and training in Birth Photography. I am a volunteer sexual assault advocate. 

I created Crow Birth as a meeting place for the important, inspirational topics that interact with birth culture: mythology & story-telling, gender, sexuality, social equity, identity, language, parenthood... All kind people are welcome here, and I want to hear your opinions! I want the value of femininity to remain visible for everyone, and I think birth is an important, exhilarating place to start. 

I don't have my own children, though I love them (and am genuinely interested in their opinions). For now, I am instead committed to standing beside those who are navigating their way to motherhood.

I believe that birth photography can serve as both a powerful feminist vehicle, and as a visual anchor to deeply personal, embodied memories.

I happen to think women who choose not to have children are as magical as those who do.

I believe in all kind people.

 "Meet" Crow Birth

Crow Birth is an interactive project that functions through stories, seen and heard.


It is part birth photography, part emotional support, and part exploration.

What drives me to live on-call and stay present through unpredictable nights...

Art & Photography~

Creatively capturing birth moments is my celebration of the peculiar beauty of new life. As an artist, I am excited by birth; it is messy, intense, surprising, and viscerally emotional. Birth is endless. 

And, I have loved watching our culture shift in response to honest birth imagery. Whether your images are shared publicly or kept as a private family memory, they can become a mechanism of challenging what is lovely or terrifying, what is to be hidden or rejoiced, what is messy and what is proper, what is miraculous or mundane, what is real, what is worthy, deserved, or necessary, what is comfortable, what is feminine or masculine. Birth Art stokes the perception of potential inside women and men. It stirs conversation and invokes latent feelings. Such openings are contagious, both to our children and one another. The celebration of what was once feared and controlled can drive our evolution.


*Any photo package you purchase through Crow Birth also helps fund my low-cost support services. I am always interested in collaborating to further push understandings of beauty and life-- please reach out to discuss what is important to you or to share your artwork on my blog (coming soon!)


Service & Support


I believe that the earliest moments of ushering in new life matter. I believe that parents' access to safety and joy directly affects that in their children. But birth can be hard; sometimes birth can be traumatic. Dealing with all that birth can be should not fall on individuals alone; we as a society and community must be there for one another.  Pain sometimes requires space and a voice; I want to honor that space. Everyone deserves fierce support as they heal.  My support services are designed to be inclusive, compassionate, and with clients' perspectives at heart. I want to contribute to emotionally healthy births because I care about the people I work with. 

I also recognize the massive implications childbirth poses worldwide in sociocultural, economic, and environmental contexts. Birth is unwaveringly honest. It calls forth issues of racial, gender, and class equality, reproductive rights, choice and education, sexuality (pleasure, intimacy, pain, consent, and trauma), resource management, psychology, identity, institutionalized policy, private ritual, health, life, humor, mythology, love, grief, joy, despair, and death. With this in mind, I strive toward continual education, and always welcome your points of view and suggestions to help me improve the role I play in the critical issues of our time.


 Please feel encouraged to start a conversation about these important topics at any time. I will do my best to accommodate all budgets and belief systems. I offer additional discounts to those navigating special challenges; please reach out if you feel this applies to your story.

"Closing of the Bones" Ceremony, 
Da a Luz Midwifery

Photography + Support